The Unexpected Justification for McDonald’s Use of Turquoise Arches

The vibrant yellow letter M from McDonald’s logo has to be among the most identifiable in the entire globe. It is used to such a degree in McDonald’s restaurants throughout the globe that “The Golden Arches” is now almost always associated with the fast food chain.

However, one McDonald’s has decided to use a light bluish-green hue for the recognizable yellow in its logo. In Sedona, Arizona, there are only turquoise arches to be seen!

Don’t worry, there’s a lighthearted reason for the color change. Sedona, which lies in the center of Arizona, is well known for its amazing natural beauty, especially its red rock mountainous landscape.

Because of this geography, Sedona has construction codes in place to make sure that no structure unnecessarily interferes with the natural beauty of the area. When the McDonald’s was built there in 1993, the local government reasoned that a big, vivid yellow M would do this.

They said that the gold would clash with the nearby red cliffs, so they opted for a more subdued pastel blue instead of gold. Yes, you read that right: the arches are blue because gold didn’t fit with the city’s (natural) style. The employees at McDonald’s won’t tell you these things, even if they might not know why.

For some reason, the color shift makes this McDonald’s stand out. Actually, these peculiar, less-than-golden arches are now regarded as a must-see sight for tourists to Sedona. Whether customers are pulled in by the food or the blue arches, the top 10 McDonald’s menu items ever are listed below.

Apart from the enormous M, this McDonald’s is identical to any other, offering a variety of guilty-pleasure burgers, Happy Meals, and irresistible fries. Do you want to give up fries forever? Think about relocating to one of these nations where McDonald’s is prohibited.

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