Those Two Indentations: What Are They?

Formally named as fossae lumbales lateralis, these little indentations on the lower back are frequently referred to as the “dimples of Venus.”

Because of their widespread appeal, they are named after the Roman goddess of beauty and are located close to the buttocks, above the pelvis-spine junction.

Similar like Venus herself, they are seen as a desirable physical characteristic. They are formed by a ligament that connects the iliac spine to the skin.

Known as “Apollo’s dimples,” they are more frequent in women but can also be seen in men. Despite their appeal, there is no set workout routine to build them because there aren’t enough muscles in that area.

Exercises for body contouring and weight loss, however, might draw attention to them. These dimples are viewed as emblems of beauty and sensuality that arouse jealousy and adoration regardless of gender.

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