Three black cats are visible to everybody; but, if you can spot the concealed tabby in less than ten seconds, your vision is 20/20.

At first look, three black kittens stand out due to their fur’s contrast with the dirt, while a fourth kitten blends in with the surroundings.

If you can identify the four cats in under ten seconds, you have 20/20 vision. Are you up for the challenge?

Take a close look—you could even start to believe there isn’t a fourth cat!

Due to the way their color contrasts with the dirt, black cats are simple to identify.

However, the fourth kitten’s flawless concealment is maintained by its tabby hair.

In the picture, all four cats are anticipating something.

The fourth kitten’s eyes, in contrast to the others’, do not glow yellow.

Its eyes are dark and protrude from its body.

Could you identify the fourth cat?

This is a hint if it’s not.

One very distinctive feature of the elusive cat is its white paw.

You can see the cat if you move the picture in small, side-to-side segments.

The kitty only wanted to be in the picture; it had no intention of blending in so nicely.

The sticks and soil coincidentally have the same hue as the fourth cat.

Each cat chose not to run away but to stand for the picture.

Have you finally located the fourth kitten?

Here’s one more hint.

The kitten is still difficult to find even if it is concealed in the upper right corner of the picture.

I hope you managed to identify the fourth kitty.

The explanation is that the cat is concealed amid the sticks in the upper left corner.

Below, it has been encircled.

Do you want to keep pushing yourself further? Below are some more brainteasers!

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