Trio are adopted by a couple

Andy and Sarah Justice firmly believe that everything happens for a purpose because of what happened when their lives took an unexpected turn. This belief is supported by what really occurred.

The couple had been trying to have a family for a time and had a strong desire for a child, but despite working toward it for many years, due to obstacles, they were unable to achieve their goal. They looked into more options, such as in vitro fertilization, but were unable to proceed with the procedure due to a lack of funding. They started to consider adopting a kid as a result.

The two agreed to adopt the mother’s children and were thrilled about the possibility after being introduced to a woman who was expecting triplets and wanted to offer them for adoption by an adoption agency. When Sarah learned she was pregnant, she couldn’t believe her dream of having a big family would truly come true.

Premature babies finally grew up to be strong, healthy adults. Sarah, on the other hand, has never previously exhibited the morning sickness that is typical of pregnant women. She was informed that she will be giving birth to TWINS during a visit with the doctor! The most stunning thing she had ever experienced was this realization. When they were born, they were in excellent health.

The new parents insist that their family has already attained its perfect state, despite the fact that they both have extremely busy schedules.

The entire family is shown in the photo below:

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