Twenty Products That Had People Browsing the Internet in Search of Answers

You can find the greatest detective out there at the moment online. In addition, there are so many mysterious items in our environment—like the internet—that we definitely need detective skills.

Some entries on the “What is This Thing?” subreddit were so complex that only the millions of internet users’ combined knowledge and intellect could possibly understand them. (WITT).

The following is a list of 20 of the most mysterious artifacts we could find:

1.It appears to be Clay.

After participating in an extracurricular activity where he exchanged tickets for what are essentially dollar store products at a “store,” my three-year-old returned home. It is the size of a fingertip, made of rubber or silicone, doesn’t erase, and is roughly as hard as a bouncy ball without bouncing. doesn’t illuminate. What’s that?
Answer: Without the metal bottom editing to add that they never truly wiped anything, it appears like an eraser from the 1980s for light bulbs.

2.Inquisitive Bell

What is the purpose of the iron cones outside the building entrance in Bath, England, on either side of the gate?
In response, it’s a snuffer. It would be used by a guest to extinguish their torch.

3.The Golden Pig

What exactly is this thing? A detachable little spoon serves as the tail of this little gold pig container.
In response, a salt cellar. Known as a Salt Pig as well. Before the invention of shakers, this was a useful tool to keep salt close at hand when working in the kitchen.

4. Traffic Safety

What is the purpose of these blue reflecting markers? Faced out toward the field, they are on a pole.
To prevent deer from crossing the road, they reflect the headlights of passing automobiles onto the fields. Therefore, it’s for both animal and vehicle safety.

5. Antique Automobile Accessory

Found on an antique GMC dashboard, I wonder. a ridged substance that resembles lucite.
It’s a traffic light viewer, is the answer. When traffic lights were initially installed, they were often placed on the side you stopped on, making it challenging to see the light. However, this helped reflect light from above, making it easier to detect when the light changed.

6. Creative Road Sign

In Illinois, is there a changeable stop sign?
In order to read the sign from a restricted angle, these are called blinders. Another name for them is directed shields. They’ll be far more common at traffic signals.

7.An Antiquated Domestic Item

When cleaning up my folks’ basement, I discovered it. It appears to be a bookholder of some kind. The paint is severely damaged and it’s made of wood. Inside the top compartment, torn-up newspaper fragments were discovered, one of which bore the year 1967.
The Italian phone stand, in the Florentine style. I neglected to mention that a drawer is a good idea for holding stationery, paper, and a personal phone book. You may store your city phone book or books in the vertical cavity. It is movable by using the handle on top.

8. Luxurious Bathroom

Is there a two-sided shallow tub at this posh hotel? One side illuminates with hot water and a red light for approximately 30 seconds when the button is pressed. After the same period of time, the opposite side turns off and illuminates with blue light and cold water.
In Germany, this is referred to as “Wechselbad” and is quite prevalent. It is instructed that you should first keep your feet in the warm water and then rapidly submerge them in the cold water (do this several times). It’s said that this aids with circulation, although I’m not sure if there’s any solid scientific proof for that. These are often seen at spas and other wellness or medical institutions.

9.Metal Pumpkin

What’s that object that opens like a pumpkin and has a tiny glass jar inside that latches? The jar has a sharp pin fastened to it. There’s a little compartment visible behind an opening flat glass surface.
Answer: It might be a “vinaigrette,” a Victorian-era jewelry item that women hung from a chatelaine necklace to hold smelling salts or perfume.

10. Odd Spoon

While doing some attic cleaning, I came across this. It’s 20cm, made of wood, and appears to be handcrafted, but I have no idea what it is or does!
Answer: In traditional African art, the Yacouba Double Spoon is a sign of hospitality. Could that be it? It symbolizes the opposition of two very different realms.

11.Eleventh, Linear Crop Circles?

Question: There are somewhat parallel, but not exactly straight, lines adjacent to my office building. What is going on in this situation?
You most likely reside in the UK, where planning authorities frequently mandate that developers conduct “evaluation trial trenching” to ensure that no significant archaeological objects might be destroyed during excavation.

Before construction can start, a more extensive archeological investigation could be necessary if the trial trenches uncover anything fascinating. This is a UK-only practice, as far as I know. It’s absolutely not done in the US, and I’m not aware of any instances of it occurring in Europe.

12. Odd Design

What is this growth that appears on my microwaved mugs?
I’m a ceramicist, please respond. Therefore, depending on the substance, clay bodies might be porous. Earthenware and stoneware are less dense than porcelain. Liquids can pass through burnt clay in either case. An exterior glaze may appear solid, yet it may include hundreds of microscopic holes and fissures. Liquids can leak through and crystallize in the gaps and fractures in ceramic vessels when they are microwaved or just left in there.

Usually, only inexpensive or handcrafted ceramics cause this. There are instances when this is intentional and is called a “crackle” glazing. When the glaze’s tensile strength during fire differs from that of the clay body, it occurs accidentally and is referred to as crazing.

13. A cool compass?

Found in a used book store, may I ask? Everything revolves, and the marks and months lead me to believe that it could be for mapping.
The ancient GPS device, the astrolabe, is the answer. commonly used for scientific purposes, time measurement, and navigation. I received one like a keychain. In my experience, it won’t be simple to utilize if it’s too little.

14. Elegant Scissors

Question: Something I got at a flea sale years ago that looks like scissors.
It’s an antique umbilical clamp, is the answer. That explains why it has a stork-like form! The midwives would use various kinds of needlework scissors that eventually developed from this technique as they awaited labor.

15. A Door Not For Pets

What is this hatch that I keep seeing on the exterior of UK homes?
The purpose of the boot scraper is to remove mud from your shoes before entering. They are not that uncommon.

16.Writing Utensils

What is this little metal thing that fits within my hand? The gold-colored component moves up and down, but an adjustment screw allows it to be fixed in position. Discovered in a consignment store, the seller is unsure of its identity after having other individuals attempt to identify it. Could be only a component of anything or not.
It appears to be an embosser fountain pen holder.

17. It’s Not What You Assumed

Inquiry: A rubbish drawer contained Scoopy Doodad.
The answer is that the original Sunbeam Mixmaster came with a bowl-like attachment that connected to the mixer’s top called a juicer. This is where the juice would come out of the spout. A little sieve to remove pulp was attached to the wire portion.

19.Cigar Holders Built Right In?

Question: This sofa has a sliding tray with holes on both sides.
Tray table is the response. It has an additional component. It’s a tray with coordinating hooks. The pegs slip in and the tray is placed on top. The tray fits snugly because they fit together. After that, you return the tray to the kitchen and slide the portion back into place to make it out of the way.

19.Secrets of Styrofoam

What do these seven sets of dimples on the foam represent?
The answer is no, expanded polystyrene products (also known as “Styrofoam”) are not created in this manner, even though many plastic things have tiny markings where the liquid plastic is pumped into the mold. Rather, tiny plastic granules are pre-treated with steam in a large hopper, causing the granules to expand into tiny foam pellets.

After the foam pellets are put into the mold, more steam is pumped, which causes the pellets to expand even further and fill the mold entirely. Steam injection locations are shown by the little seven-dot markings. When an expanded foam object is broken, it gives the illusion of being “grainy,” but an extruded foam only consists of a solid block. This is how expanded and extruded polystyrene vary from one another.

20.Homemade Bug Repellent

Observed while strolling down the road. A plastic bag securely fastened over a door. Seems to hold a few coins and water. For what purpose may this be used?
The homemade fly/mosquito repellent. It is intended to ward off bothersome pests with the light bouncing off the water and pennies.

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