At the age of 82, Fritz Wepper, the principal actor in CABARET, passed away.

The 1972 Oscar-winning film featuring German actress Liza Minnelli was the star’s most well-known role.

Wepper also as Inspector Harry Klein in over 280 episodes of the well-liked German crime series Derrick from 1974 to 1998.

His wife, Susanne Kellermann, confirmed his death in an interview with the German tabloid Bild.

She claimed that Wepper passed away early on Monday morning in a Munich hospice, where he had been receiving treatment for around a month prior to his lengthy illness.

Palliative care was Wepper’s receiving throughout the final five weeks of his life.

At the age of eleven, Wepper appeared in a Peter Pan performance. In 1995, he was born in Munich.

He played a young soldier and garnered a lot of attention in the anti-war picture Die Brücke (1959), which won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language picture.

In 1959, he portrayed the title role in The Bridge as well. Later, he portrayed Fritz Wendel in the Oscar-winning adaptation of Cabaret.

He has two daughters from each of his two marriages.

He was married to Angela von Morgen initially. 1979 saw them get married, and from 2007 to 2017, they co-starred on the crime series Mord in bester Gesellschaft.

However, he left Von Morgen in 2009 to marry Susanne, his present spouse. However, he later remarried his first wife.

In 2019, Wepper wed Kellermann one year following Von Morgen’s passing.

His oldest daughter, 42-year-old Sophie, is an actor as well. In Mord’s bester Gesellschaft, she worked with her father.

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