Watch These Identical Twins’ Sweet Reunion!

Nina Sparano, the daughter of Daniel and Marija Sparano, was diagnosed with Pierre Robin syndrome at birth and has subsequently undergone a number of surgeries and received intensive rehabilitation.

Two pairs of identical twin sisters met for the first time over a year after their birth.

According to Good Morning America, Nina and Emma Sparano were born through cesarean section 11 months ago at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in New York City.

Nina, the younger sister, was born with Pierre Robin syndrome, a disorder that only affects a small number of people, according to Dr. Dennis Davidson, a neonatologist and the director of the Baby and Toddler Unit at Blythedale Children’s Hospital.

According to Davidson, the condition “is often characterized by an underdeveloped jaw, a cleft palate, and a tongue positioned further back in the mouth.”

According to GMA and Westchester News 12, Nina was moved to Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla in September, where she continued to receive care.

Emma is still in the hospital, but Nina was able to greet her on Monday for the first time.

Father Daniel Sparano, 36, reportedly told GMA it was “simply so lovely” to be with both of his kids at once. His 37-year-old wife Marija Sparano hugged Nina during the joyous reunion.

She allegedly told the news agency, “I started weeping as soon as we walked out of the hospital. It emotionally drained me a lot.

The results show that Nina and Emma are monochorionic diamniotic twins.

According to the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University, monochorionic diamniotic (MCDA) twins share one placenta while in separate amniotic sacs.

Nina was allegedly “basically stuck in her sac,” which stopped her from developing normally within the womb, according to Daniel.

“She was growing with [the sac] covering her lips and pulling her jaw down, resulting in a… cleft palate,” the twins’ father said on the website.

Shortly after her birth, Nina was sent to the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital’s newborn critical care unit (NICU).

According to Davidson, Nina has had many operations to straighten her jaw, as well as extensive pre- and postoperative therapy.

After being sent to Blythedale, Nina has “quadrupled her birth weight” of 4.5 pounds, said Davidson. Since she was brought to Blythedale, Nina has accomplished many significant developmental milestones, according to Davidson.

In the end, according to GMA, Nina and Emma’s initial meeting happened on Monday close to Blythedale.

“For our medical staff, it was a very special moment to watch Nina reunited with her twin sister Emma, and the family all together for the first time since the girls were born,” Davidson tells PEOPLE.

According to ABC station WABC-TV, Marija described Nina as a “little warrior” and stated, “She’s like a caterpillar developing into a butterfly.”

I said, “Slowly.Slowly, their mother continued. She’ll show up on time.

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