We mournfully announce his passing. You will cry when you learn who she is.

Following a year-long battle, Lizzy Musi, a stage 4 breast cancer sufferer, passes away surrounded by her family.

Street racer Lizzy Musi passed away after receiving a stage-four breast cancer diagnosis, her father said.

The star of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, who is based in Mooresville, North Carolina, took a leave of absence from the show last year after receiving a diagnosis.

“Surrounded by her family and in the comfort of her own home, Lizzy was called to heaven at 11:25 pm tonight,” according to a Facebook message posted by Musi’s well-known father Pat.

“I appreciate all of the prayers and good vibes you sent her while she was ill.

“At this time, the family would prefer some privacy to process their loss and make plans.”

“As soon as we have information to share, we will provide an update.”

The racer turned into an inspiration for women and girls after taking first place in three consecutive competitions during the 2019 season of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.

She broke the 200 mph barrier in the eighth-mile doorslammer race with her fastest-ever run of 3.802 seconds.

Lizzy Musi went on to create additional history in July 2014 when she emerged victorious in the Professional Drag Racers Association US Drags, marking her as the first female winner of a Pro Nitrous national competition.

The 33-year-old racer, who disclosed openly that she had stage 4 triple-negative breast cancer—one of the most serious forms—is receiving tributes from the public.

Despite the fact that Musi’s cancer had progressed to her liver and lymph nodes, she remained upbeat about her condition.

While receiving cancer treatment in Germany last month, she said she received “great news.”

The driver had already stated that she was heading to the Medias Klinikum treatment facility in Burghausen, Germany, even though she remained silent.

“I’ve pretty much tried everything here in the US, and I’ve looked into the doctor and treatment in Germany that can isolate my liver and treat it,” Lizzy said to Drag Illustrated earlier this month.

One admirer commented, “This hurts my heart,” beneath Pat’s Facebook post about Musi.

“She was a great role model for girls.” Observing her race was entertaining.

Somebody else described her as “one of the best female racers.”

“Her cheerful disposition and upbeat demeanor set a wonderful example for our younger generations.” This is real, it’s incredible.

wishing her family a bereavement. Lizzy, soar far in the sky.

I adore you, my soulmate.
Recently, Musi expressed her gratitude to her fiance Jeffrey Earnhardt—the grandson of renowned Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt—in public for his unwavering support.

Musi posted on social media, “This guy right here has supported me like no other—from sleepless ER nights and dealing with my health to cheering me on at my races.”

“After a lengthy off-season, he performed admirably this past weekend. I got to observe him in action.@jearnhardt1 #gratitude #unique #lovely

They began dating after she and racecar driver Kyle Kelley split up in late 2023.

In January, Musi shared an emotional Facebook post that revealed specifics about her relationship with Earnhardt.

“Despite going through the worst time in my life, I found a man when I least expected it. It didn’t phase him, and he has loved me unconditionally since,” the woman wrote.

“He has witnessed me at my lowest, whether I was ill or not, hair or not.” I get a lot of calls complimenting me on my strength and beauty; even when I converse on FaceTime without my wig on, I get praises. “Jerry Earnhardt, you have my sincere gratitude.”

On Instagram, followers referred to Earnhardt as their “soulmate” and thanked him for “loving her the way she deserved” all the way to the end.

Earnhardt has received condolences but has not yet released a statement regarding her passing.

He provided us with an update on Musi’s return to racing at the end of April following her Bonnie-themed ’69 Camaro race at Virginia Motorsport Park.

Her crew was “firing on all cylinders,” according to her partner.

Nathan Schaldach (Cali Nate), Musi’s co-star on Street Outlaws, passed away nineteen months prior.

On April 6, Natalie lost her life in an automobile accident in southwest Texas.

The incident took place at Eagle Pass, almost two hours to the west of San Antonio. Schaldach was involved in a race.

The racer was rushed to the hospital, but his injuries eventually claimed his life.

His girlfriend Courtney Paulshock confirmed the news in an emotional Facebook post, stating that she was “shattered” after losing “her person.”

The musician Musi gave her colleague accolades, calling him a “hell of a guy.”

She wrote, “Hard to wrap my mind around this one,” in an Instagram photo.

“We are all aware of the risks involved with driving these vehicles.

While we were filming the street shows in Vegas and California, I had the opportunity to race with Nate.

“A genuine street racer and a wonderful person!” “Godspeed.”

Regarding the relationship between Nate and Paulshock, Musi requested that his followers offer prayers for his wounded lady.

“Please remember to pray for and think of my good friend, @c_paulshockphotography!” Furthermore, she stated.

They were obviously incredibly in love and unable to stay apart. My heart hurts so badly over this.

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