What to do to stop snoring. 10 solutions worth trying

Although you may not know you’re doing it, snoring can ruin the night for the person sleeping next to you!
To help you sleep more soundly, here’s a list of 10 things you can do to get rid of snoring:

1. Lose weight

If you’ve gained weight, especially in your neck area, this could be the reason you snore. If this is the case, losing weight can solve your snoring problem. However, keep in mind that even thin people can snore.

2. Sleep on your side

Try sleeping on your side and give up any other sleeping position. This will prevent your tongue from touching the back wall of your throat.

3. If you sleep on your back, provide adequate support

If you can’t sleep on your side and have to sleep on your back, raise the head of the bed a few inches if possible. An extra pillow can give good results.

4. Give up bad habits

Smoking and alcohol are very harmful in every way, including when it comes to snoring. They can relax your muscles, which leads to snoring.

They can also make it harder to breathe.

5. Get enough sleep

It’s important to prevent fatigue from not getting a good night’s sleep. When you sleep fewer hours than you should, your muscles become more relaxed and you snore more.

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6. Do vocalizations

Vocalizations can do wonders for your sleep. Sing around the house for 20 minutes every day to tone your throat muscles, which can help prevent snoring.

7. Cleans nasal passages

You can clear your nasal passages by clearing your sinuses before bedtime. Nasal strips are also a great solution.

8. Change your pillows more often

Dust mites can build up on your pillow and cause allergic reactions, leading to snoring. Replace your pillow at least every 6 months.

9. Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids so that your nose stays less stuffy and free of discharge. Drink around 11 to 16 cups of water a day.

10. Get enough exercise

Sports can also help you get rid of your snoring problem as it can tone all your muscles, preventing them from relaxing.

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