When a horse is deemed the most beautiful in the world, professionals examine its coat more closely and discover the unbelievable

Horses are incredible works of art.They have an incredible beauty that surpasses nearly anything, making them both wild and wonderful. This horse we are about to introduce to you may be the most gorgeous horse you have ever seen. This Turkish horse has been dubbed the world’s most beautiful horse by experts.

He is an Akhal-Teke, a breed of horse derived from the ancient Turkoman horses that are now extinct.

Today, there are just 3,500 of these horses remaining in existence.

Below is a horse that appears to have been coated with gold.

The Akhal-Teke has the most exquisite coat that sparkles in the sun. It is a thoroughbred, standing between 58 and 64 inches (147 and 163 cm) tall. The horse is known as “the horse from heaven” in China.

Moreover, this amazing creature surely has a celestial look.

Experts assert that the structure of its fur, which is intended to reflect light and function as a light intensifier, is what gives it its stunning sheen.

The “Akhal-Teke” are supposed to have had this golden fur from birth, which helped them fit in with the arid surroundings.

The breed is the oldest and first domesticated in the world, said to have started around 3,000 years ago in Achal, Turkmenistan.

Watch the video below to witness this breathtaking act of nature.

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