When a newborn infant smiles broadly, the parents are taken aback. When physicians eventually determine the cause, nobody says anything more.

When a newborn infant smiles broadly, the parents are taken aback. When physicians eventually determine the cause, nobody says anything more.

It astonished her parents when Ayla Summer Mucha arrived in the world in December 2021 with such a big smile on her face.

When parents first saw their baby daughter, who had a permanent grin due to an extremely unusual disease, they weren’t happy. However, they fell in love with Ayla, and the adorable girl with the endearing grin is already well-known on social media.

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On December 30, 2021, Australian couple Cristina Vercher and Blaize Mucha finally got to meet their newborn girl. It had taken them nine months to wait.

But the really unfortunate news was delivered to the new parents by the physicians during the C-section birth.

Bilateral macrostomia is the term used to describe Ayla Summer Mucha’s condition where her mouths were too large for her body.

A facial cleft occurs when the corners of the mouth do not fuse together during pregnancy; this is a very rare occurrence.

According to the National Library of Medicine, there are only 14 documented examples of this deformity in medical literature.

everywhere there is shock
Her parents were taken aback at how wide Ayla’s mouth expanded. No issues had been revealed by ultrasounds.

When Blaize, 22, and the new mother, 23, first met Ayla, they “were instantly worried” because of her “obvious” illness due to her “tiny size.”

Adelaide resident Vercher stated, “Neither Blaize nor I knew about this condition, and I had never met a person born with a macrostomia.” “It was a major surprise,”

Not just the parents expressed disbelief. Furthermore, medical professionals were unprepared to handle a child with bilateral macrostomia.

It was much more terrifying because it took a doctor several hours to respond. This led to further issues because the hospital was ill-equipped to handle such an uncommon ailment. She said, “All I could think about was where I went wrong,” when she was a mother.

However, there was nothing the concerned parents could have done differently, the doctors assured them. Cristina believed that she had either “caused” her daughter’s sickness or committed an error during her pregnancy.

As a mother, all she could think about was where she could have made a mistake, she claimed. After days of genetic testing and scans, they were still informed that they were not the cause of the issue and had nothing to do with it.

Now that Ayla’s illness is causing difficulty with latching on and sucking, the Muchas may concentrate on helping her manage it.

For this reason, parents are frequently advised to have their babies surgically examined.

The happy family
The young couple made the decision to post Ayla’s tale on social media as they set out to learn more about the illness. Her distinctive smile received 6.5 million likes on TikTok.

The Muchas could never have envisioned receiving such a large amount of support.

“On Doctor Google, I just read that there are only 14 cases reported.” She is very exceptional. One individual writes, “Be proud, mom.”

Regarding Ayla’s grin, another person comments online, “She is beautiful and perfect just the way she is.” Because of her, I also grinned.

Ayla’s devoted followers promptly removed a few trolls who were making fun of the defenseless youngster.

“Hurry up and ignore those cruel people; your daughter is gorgeous.” She truly is an angel, someone remarks. “Oh my god. You’re quite adorable!Someone another replied, “Don’t listen to those hurtful remarks; your tiny cuteness is just too sweet.”

“You are a strong woman and have a beautiful daughter,” remarks the third. I apologize for such careless remarks.

Vercher responded, “I would tell everyone to be kind and accepting,” to the hurtful remarks made about her adorable child.

She remarked, “You would hope that people would treat you and your children with the same respect” if anything similar happened in your life. She added that anyone might experience “like this” events. “”Unfortunately, you can’t change the way other people act.” Social media is a divided space.

Vercher states, “We will not stop talking about our experiences and favorite memories because we are so proud,” in response to the kind words and encouragement received.

It appears that Ayla, who recently turned 2, underwent successful surgery to correct her large mouth, even if this hasn’t been proven. The young child has virtually no scars after the procedure. She became Sonny’s baby brother’s big sister in November 2023.

It’s fantastic that the Muchas shared videos and images of their adorable child Ayla despite the vitriol they received on the internet.

What are your thoughts on this adorable family? How do you feel? Then tell others about this story so we can learn what they think as well!

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