When an old acquaintance takes her name for a kid without her consent, the lady is outraged.

When an old acquaintance takes her name for a kid without her consent, the lady is outraged.

With over 8 billion people on the planet, naming yourself after other people, objects, nations, or even fruits is not uncommon.

Mia is the tenth most common name for girls in 2021. However, one woman claimed it as her own.

Mia accused her former acquaintance of stealing her name “Mia” and giving it to her infant daughter on the internet. She said that it was improper to use her name without her consent.

On Reddit, someone requested advice on how to manage the circumstance in which her former friend Melinda took her name and gave it to her child.

Mia claims that because she and Melinda were close in their twenties, that is why she is the source of the baby’s new name.

She claims, “She was always a little strange, but we stayed friends for a while,” and that before their friendship ended, they attended one other’s weddings.

Melinda gave birth to a girl recently, writes Mia. Although they call her Mia, she claimed that her name is Amelia. Given that my name is Mia, I found this to be peculiar. We weren’t close enough for me to assume that she was naming her child after me, and she hadn’t even asked.

Mia confided in a mutual friend for comfort, and the friend concurred that it was strange.

The original poster had no intention of speaking with Melinda about her name theft, but she was forced to speak after seeing her friend and her husband at a party.

“Yeah, my namesake,” I laughed as she showed me the infant. She gave me an odd look when I informed her that Mia was her name. “Hello, I’m Mia.”The story continues, “Melinda said that Mia was only a pseudonym for her real name, Amelia. “My name is Mia, really.” I told her that I understood, but I found it amusing that she chose to name her after me.

Her buddy then informed her—still perplexed—that the baby’s name was taken from her husband’s mother. The billboard states, “I nodded, and it was obvious she was mad.”

Then the mudslinging started.

Mia explained to Melinda why she “thought” the child bore her name.

According to the poster, it must have been “a weird coincidence and seemed like something [Melinda] would do.”

“You’re not important enough for me to name a baby after,” the pal angrily said. Melinda became enraged by this. The elderly friend shot back, “so is trying to imply [Melinda is] weird because her baby and I have the same name,” after hearing Mia exclaim, “that was rude.”

“Our mutual friends think I shouldn’t have brought it up at all,” Mia writes as she concludes her piece. She’s requesting guidance from the Reddit community. However, some believe that her statement, “I’m not important enough,” was overly extreme.

Things improve.
The majority of people expressed confusion at Mia’s entitlement to her name and added, “You are not the center of the universe.”

“Mia, you’re not alone yourself. Even the name Mia isn’t all that unusual. If a buddy decided on a name because of you, they would inform you. The most popular comment on the post said, “The fact that she didn’t do it and that you’re no longer together should be a big sign that it wasn’t about you.” “The world is not centered on you. Why are you so upset that she doesn’t feel significant enough to give you the name of her child? You experience the same emotions. You should be happy that she agreed with you because you stated that you two aren’t close enough.

“She was so rude to tell Melinda that calling her baby after her was ‘odd but cute,'” remarks another person. What an egomaniac they are makes me cringe.

Meanwhile, a few online enthusiasts couldn’t resist making fun of the initial poster.

“I’m not sure,” one writes. Lauren is my name, and my childhood friend’s cousin is Lauren. “Some folks really are insane!” To Lauren’s comment, another person quips, “It’s my name; I apologize.” It’s obvious that your parents named you after me. I was the very first Lauren. That was also the case for the other four Laurens in my sixth-grade class.

“Back in 2000, I named my cat Mia,” quips a third party. I believe OP was named after my cat, who appears to be around the same age (OP), based on her behavior.

Lastly, one cybernaut comments, “My best friend is named after her mom’s friend’s dog.” Most likely, the dog is still upset about it.

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