When my husband was home, I saw my kids’ babysitter getting out of the shower, so the next day I turned on the nanny cam.

When a woman saw her children’s nanny damp after taking a shower one day, she was taken aback.

Even more unexpected was the fact that her spouse was present and, upon seeing his wife express worry, took the nanny’s side! While I was away from home, I saw my kids’ babysitter doing this! Now, to give you the background, my husband and I hired a babysitter for our three kids since we are always overworked.

Up until yesterday, everything had been okay. When I arrived at 6 p.m., she was there with her hair drenched! She explained that my child had spilt milk on her, therefore she needed to take a shower. I hired the babysitter and pay her to watch my kids and my husband’s kids.

Everyone younger than six. She made an effort to comfort me by claiming the kids were alright and that she had a brief shower because they were sleeping. But even so, I still don’t believe it’s right for you to take a shower in my house, I retorted angrily.

The 23-year-old dismissed my worries, saying it wasn’t that big of an issue. While we were debating the issue, my spouse unexpectedly showed up in the living room!

I was uncomfortable with what transpired, but I was more perplexed by the fact that my husband was home and that he had taken the side of the babysitter. Both of them waved off my sentiments, and the babysitter headed home. This is where things become very strange, though: my spouse,

who should be on the night shift at work at that time is instead at home! I had a strong feeling that something was really wrong, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that they were having an affair. I thus made the decision to find and switch on the rusty old nanny camera that I had been using since my kids were infants the next day before heading out for work.

Before leaving for work, I put everything together covertly in the living room. Like every other day, I began the day by getting the kids dressed, preparing breakfast, and bidding my husband farewell before leaving for work. The babysitter picked me up at the door.

That is, I believed. I had no idea that everything in my world will soon change drastically! After checking the camera less than an hour later, I noticed my husband, who had departed for work, entering the building. He came up to our nanny, and my heart fell.

My eyesight became blurry from tears as I watched, trying to make sense of what was happening on my phone’s tiny screen. I told my supervisor in a haze that I was unwell and that I had to go home, but the sickness I was feeling was one of heartbreak and betrayal.

I rushed home, prepared for the worst, motivated by a combination of fear and a strong desire for clarification. But what I really discovered was my spouse cooking. It was a scene that stunned me. My mind raced, trying to make sense of the man in front of me and the pictures from the nanny cam. Was it me who was cheated on?

My spouse turned to face me with a worried expression after noticing my discomfort. He questioned, “Why are you home so early?” I informed him that the systems were down due to a power outage, which is why they allowed me to return home early. After giving me the impression that he understood my narrative, he said, “Honey, I have to tell you something,” his voice laden with remorse. What came next was a confession I never would have guessed.

He said he was scared to tell me the truth about getting let go from his job a week ago because of workplace downsizing. My partner stated he chose to act as though he was off to work since he didn’t want to bother me with it. He said, “Yesterday indeed our daughter spilled milk on our nanny so I told her to go and wash everything while I was there to take care of the kids who were napping.” Instead, he would go back home, hunt for employment online, and assist with child care.

The episode with the nanny? “A straightforward mishap that he managed to ensure I wouldn’t have to worry about,” he clarified.

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