When they learned they were expecting a child, they were ecstatic.

When Keri McCartney and her husband Chad learned they were expecting a child, they were ecstatic.

Everything was going well for the woman until week 23, when she went to a fresh ultrasound in a state of emotion to find out if she was going to have a boy or a girl. It’s only that Keri observed an odd, ball-like structure beneath her fetus as she was watching the monitor.

She started to question the doctor obstinately about what that was and whether her child had any problems. Eventually, the young mother heard the devastating news from the doctors: the infant had a large tumor that obstructed the mother’s blood supply, perhaps leading to death.

Surgery was the only way to end this uncomfortable circumstance without having to end the pregnancy. The parents made the risky decision to accept the intervention even though there was only a 10% chance of survival.

The tumor was removed during a lengthy procedure that took at least four hours and required taking the kid out of the abdomen and reintroducing it.

Thankfully, Keri gave birth at 10 weeks, and their little daughter arrived healthy. Macie Hope was the name of the small child.

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