Years later, the teenage daughter asks to return, having stopped loving her mother in order to be with her unfaithful father.

Years later, the teenage daughter asks to return, having stopped loving her mother in order to be with her unfaithful father.

A woman’s life drastically changed when she married a wealthy guy because she believed he would be beneficial to her family.

She detailed how this man took excellent care of her parents in her Reddit post, giving them lavish presents, clearing her sister’s credit card debt, and even landing her brother a great job at a reputable firm.

Naturally, even though her husband had been cheating on her, her in-laws appreciated him for his generosity and support during difficult times.

She cheated on him for the first time shortly after giving birth to their daughter Kelly. She approached her family for support because she was weak and considering divorcing her spouse. She couldn’t decide between them, even if they were wonderful, so she decided to stay in the marriage.

Because she was unable to be the greatest wife to her husband when she was pregnant, she convinced herself that her husband had cheated on her.

Kelly’s spouse had another affair when she was around twelve years old, several years later. She was certain that she would petition for divorce on this occasion. However, the proposal didn’t sit well with her in-laws and family, who feared a scandal that would damage the family’s standing.

She didn’t want a divorce, but when it came to Kelly’s custody dispute, her in-laws and her ex-husband’s attorneys had the upper hand.

Although she ultimately lost custody of Kelly, the lady received alimony and a just compensation. Despite her best efforts to maintain contact with her daughter, Kelly felt that the lady was being negatively portrayed by both her in-laws and her own parents.

They gave the impression that she was unwilling to accept her ex-husband’s apology or to forgive him. Kelly was convinced that her mother was evil by the time she reached adolescence as a result.

During these trying circumstances, the woman went to her closest friend Tina for support. Tina would chat to her and was always there for her. She might not have been able to continue without Tina, who was her confidante and rock. Over the years, the mother made several attempts to reconcile with her daughter Kelly, but the conditions were strict even if she promised to cover the cost of her graduate studies. Kelly was required under her mother’s will to give up her claim to the woman’s estate in order to receive her mother’s money.

However, life always managed to put things right. Kelly put a lot of effort into her life makeover, earning a degree in accounting, and landing a lucrative job. The woman’s ex-husband, Kelly’s father, suffered a run of unfortunate events that included losing his job and becoming embroiled in legal proceedings. All of his money, including the sum meant to cover Kelly’s college expenses, was rapidly squandered by him.

After reaching financial independence and seeing how complex life is, Kelly had a change of heart. She expressed her desire to reconnect with her mother. She couldn’t help but wonder whether her unexpected change of heart was due to financial difficulties, particularly since Kelly’s tuition was no longer assured.

Kelly had to give up her fortune according to her mother’s will, even though the mother promised to cover her daughter’s graduate school expenses. The mother designated Laura, her goddaughter, as the primary beneficiary of her estate. Over the years, she had become like a daughter to her.

It is hardly surprising that this decision has led to discord in the family. The woman’s decision to choose Laura as her successor over her biological daughter, who only seemed interested in reconciling while she was suffering financial difficulties, is a matter of debate among family members.

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