You might be familiar with Jennifer Garner’s beau, who she is “proud to show off.”

You might be familiar with Jennifer Garner’s beau, who she is “proud to show off.”

Behind the scenes, Jennifer Garner has been seeing a man separate from the spotlight that Ben Affleck and his new wife Jennifer Lopez bring.

According to a source, 51-year-old Garner has intermittently been seeing businessman John Miller. Both of them are content with their status as “an under-the-radar kind of couple.”

Continue reading to learn more about the man who captured the heart of the dimpled celebrity.

When Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck broke up in 2018, there were few shocks. With “Jenny from the Block,” he had returned.

Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s joyful marriage and her new single, “Can’t Get Enough,” which was composed specifically for Affleck, attracted a lot of attention. However, not much is known about John Miller, Garner’s new lover.

Before Garner and Miller’s divorce from Affleck was formalized in 2018, reports state that they were dating for six months.

The Hollywood power couple had three children together before divorcing in 2015: Violet, 17, Seraphina, 14, and Samuel, 10. They continue to raise their children together.

This guy in the dark, who is he?
Miller was born in 1978 and works as a lawyer and businessman. He serves as the CEO of CaliGroup, the parent company of the fast food brand CaliBurger. He was previously Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals’ vice president of intellectual property.

About a month after the stunning Garner became single, Miller filed for divorce. From 2005 till 2014, Miller was wed to American violinist Caroline Campbell. Quest is the name of their son, and Violet is the name of his daughter.

They didn’t want to jeopardize their relationship, so they opted to avoid the limelight that typically accompanies a celebrity like Garner. It had been five years since they started dating.

“I adore her belief that he does not require the spotlight or the Hollywood setting.”It differs greatly from Ben and J. Lo’s relationship in that regard, a source told Us Weekly. “They don’t dress like that. They never act goofy for the cameras or get fixated on what activities to attend as a group.

Furthermore, the unidentified source states, “They’re happier being a normal, quiet couple.” They are intended to be together, and they don’t need anybody else to believe this. That’s just not them; it doesn’t imply that they are making fun of other people.

Going slowly

With the exception of a brief separation in the spring of 2021, Miller and Garner have been together since August 2020.

“He was ready for marriage, but she just couldn’t commit,” a source claimed at the time.

Friends are raving about the pair, saying that Miller and the Elektra star have a wonderful bond that brings out the best in one other.

According to a source, “John is so in love and caring, but not in a bossy way.”While he constantly supports Jen when things go wrong or she wants to try something new, he also gives her space when she needs it. One of their greatest assets is the wonderful vacations they’ve had together.

Not ascending
The public was curious about Garner’s feelings following her ex-husband’s July 2022 marriage to Lopez.

In an effort to calm fans’ fears, photographers captured Garner and Miller together on many occasions. They appeared content in one other’s presence and unfazed by the fact that the Good Will Hunting actor was eloping in Las Vegas.

In January 2023, Entertainment Tonight published a piece featuring images of Affleck “happily chatting with John.”

“Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck show that ex-spouses can get along great,” the news source claims. When Jennifer and her boyfriend John Miller arrived at their home, Ben could be seen grinning and chit-chatting with John. The discreet pair was spotted shopping in Santa Barbara’s Montecito’s Village on the same day.

Taking it easy and enjoying the ride
The lovely pair is gradually growing accustomed to sharing their romance with a wider audience. They are spotted together more frequently, expressing their affection for one another with kisses, holding hands, or early morning runs.

According to a source, Jen isn’t nearly as bashful with John as she once was since they feel so comfortable and safe around one another. “She enjoys flaunting him.”

Us Weekly was informed in November 2023 by a second source close to the matter that Garner and Miller are “in a great place.” The insider claimed, “They’re both very happy with their relationship and how things have turned out. They used to do everything to stay out of sight.”

It was a huge event when they gathered their children and their families for a food drive to celebrate her fiftieth birthday.

They are not, however, prepared to unite as a single family just yet.

According to friends, Garner and Miller have discussed marriage, but they are not in a rush. She is “happily cherishing and enjoying what they have‚Ķwithout a formal label” at the time.

Additionally, this insider claims that Miller is happy to “go with the flow,” with the 13 Going on 30 star setting the tone.

According to a third person, “John and Jen have a really special bond.” She truly likes being with someone who isn’t renowned after spending so much of her marriage to Affleck in the spotlight.

It’s wonderful to learn that Jennifer Garner is back in the dating game. We are eager to watch their connection develop.

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